From the Théâtre Marigny, Jarry will show all the colors to the spectators, for our greatest pleasure! With humor and benevolence, he will highlight the public who will become the heroes of the Big Show.

Surprises, hidden cameras, moving reunions, games, dream gifts, unexpected happenings, surprise karaoke with our favorite stars: no one in the room is safe from the surprises and pitfalls of the Big Show!

The Big Show is family entertainment that offers viewers an evening of humor and emotion with a multitude of surprises, each funnier and more moving than the next, that will make you laugh to tears throughout the evening. ! A warm, funny new program, full of good vibes and in constant interaction with the public, who never suspects what will happen to them…

Jarry’s surprises will follow one another throughout the show, until they land in the middle of the night with viewers.

Jarry will also trap a person with the complicity of his family, to make him the unexpected star of the evening.


  • Broadcasting date : the 10 of september 2022 at 21PM
  • Broadcasting channel : France 2
  • Format : 95min
  • Producer : Hervé Hubert