90 minutes of escape and amazing encounters all around the World.
In turn, Sophie Jovillard, Jérôme Pitorin and Raphaël de Casabianca take the viewers on a trip, on the other side of the World or just around the corner. This journey will help you live new experiences, meet new people and share new trips…
The show also contains 6 reports (Zoo, Focus) to help the viewer comprehend certain aspects of the country visited. Finally, the travel blog of a seasoned traveller-director searching for an emblematic road will unfold in the shape of a series of 4 fifteen minutes parts.


  • Airing Time : Saturdays at 8:50pm on France 5
  • Broasdcasting Channel : France 5
  • Presenters : Sophie Jovillard, Jérôme Pitorin, Raphaël de Casabianca
  • Produer : Bo Travail !
  • Format : 90 minutes