Confronted with 6 unknown persons, a pair of candidates are to guess their exact age. For that, they have in their possession an initial kitty of 100.000 euros. To help the couple keep this kitty untouched for the longest possible time, they will be given 5 clues.
If the couple guesses the correct age, they win a bonus of 500 euros. But if they are wrong, each year’s difference between the real date of birth will make them lose money.
In the final, the couple has 4 clues to guess the right age. But at this level of the game, each wrong answer makes them lose one quarter of their lump sum…


  • Airing time: from Monday July 11th at 17.15h
  • Broadcasting Channel : D8
  • Presenter: Jean-Luc Lemoine
  • Producer : Flab
  • Format : 42 minutes