13 bachelors will fly to a paradise island to find love. The all have everything except the most important thing : a soul-mate. 7 boys and 6 girls, all issued from real tv shows, will try to rebuild themselves in a fantastic villa.

Thanks to Luci Mariotti, the love coach, the will be coached and trained. They will have dates and meeting to try to find THE person that will rock their heart. The heartbrokened will have the possibly to leave the adventure at any time if they feel like they have gone to then end of their own adventure. They can also be excluded by Lucie if she thinks that they did not give their maximum to solve their problems. As soon as they live, a new guest can come into the adventure.
Each week, Lucie offers them a bracelet that symbolizes their progress or failure into their love quest. For this 3rd season, they will encounter more problems to solve …


  • Broadcasting date : From monday to friday at 7pm
  • Broadcasting channel : TFX
  • Producer : AH production
  • Post-production : Bengal
  • Format : 42 min

Teaser season 5