They love each other and want to realize their dream. Beverly and Vivian, Hagda and Tom, Hillary and Sébastien, Manu and Antonin, Benoît and Jesta, Jazz and Laurent, Steven and Cassandra with Vincent Shogun and Virginie. These 8 couples are going to Dominican Republic and will compete each week throw various hardships…
Each couple will star the adventure with 10 bracelets of a value of 5 000 euros each. During the week, everything can change ! The couples will be submitted to different hardships that could change the continuation of the adventure. Each time they lose a game, they lose one or more than one bracelet and they are nominated for the bracelet ceremony of the friday. During this ceremony, the couples who are not nominated will be able to win the bracelets of the couples « on the carpet ». If one couple is without bracelet and therefore without any money, it will have to leave.
Only one couple can win thin competition and can win the jackpot that can go to 50 000 euros !


  • Broadcasting date season 2: Monday 26th august 2019 at 6:30pm
  • Broadcasting date season 1: Monday 16th july 2018 at 6:30pm
  • Broadcasting channel : TFX
  • Presenter : Christophe Beaugrand
  • Producter: Bengal // AH Production
  • Format : 42 min