They love each other and want to achieve what they have always dreamt of.
Beverly and Vivian, Hagda and Tom, Hillary and Sebastien, Manu and Antonin, Benoit and Jesta, Jazz and Laurent, Steven and Cassandra as well as Vincent Shogun and Virginie, these eight couples have flown to the Dominican Republic and are to face one another over the weeks in different challenges…
Each couple will start the adventure with 10 bracelets each of which is worth 5,000 euros. But over the course of the week everything may be put in doubt! The couples will submit to different challenges that may upset the subsequent course of the adventure.
In fact, if defeated in a challenge one or more bracelets is lost and a nomination for the Bracelet Ceremony on Friday. During this ceremony those couples who have not been nominated can take bracelets from the couples in the hot seat. If a couple ends up with no bracelets and therefore without a nest egg they must unequivocally leave the competition.
Only one couple will leave having won the Villa: The Battle of the Couples and can win a kitty worth up to 50,000 euros!


  • Broad cast date: Monday 16th July at 18h30
  • Schedule: from Monday to Friday at 18h30
  • Broad casting Channel: TFX
  • Presenter : Christophe Beaugrand
  • Producer : Bengal // AH Production
  • Format : 42 min