The show is about seven couples, accompanied by a professional guide, who travel to discover 35 destinations in a dozen countries, by bus. Every day, a vote is organized to elect the least appreciated duo. The duo first receives a warning by a yellow card, and with three yellow cards, the duo is out. They are then replaced by a new duo.
Votes of each candidate are known by all, no secret votes, that’s what is new in this show.


  • Airing Time :from July 23rd 2012 to August 24th 2012.
  • Broadcasting Channel : M6
  • Producer : Studio 89


Jennifer and Nicolas
Best friends since forever, they have never been away. It’s the dream occasion for them to participate in the show, while trying to become “best travel companions”. This couple of friends wishes to forget their daily routine.

Edwige and Michel
This couple isn’t used to package tours. The question is therefore if they will manage to endure this trip with unknown people.

Fernand and Severine
Both artists, this couple has been together for 11 years. They will have to learn to comply with the rules of a package tour, but also to live with others every day.

Alice and Talie
This duo comes from Paris, they answer to clichés associated to the city of fashion, they are presented as trendy but jaded.
Mireille and Reine

Mireille and Reine
They are described as the two fantastic grandmothers of the show, and will have to learn to live with the others but also to keep up with the pace of this great journey.

Romain and Romain
This duo didn’t meet before being selected for the M6 show, one of them Belgian and the other from Marseille, both party animals; they will have to do everything to become “the best companions on the journey”.

Alexandra and Cedric
This couple have never really travelled, that’s why M6 offers them the opportunity to strengthen their couple with this great trip. However, Cedric is very jealous; will he manage to overcome it?