“Le monde de Jamy” is a collection of unseen documentaries on the topic of knowledge and discovery. Science becomes an adventure with Jamy Gourmaud, well known by all the viewers already.
The people he interviews or interacts with have a number of activities: exploring the seabed, volcanos, new town architecture… All of these people contribute to Jamy’s programme.
Filmed in breath taking locations, each documentary expresses Jamy’s vision of the world and provokes our thoughts on man’s great challenges on this beginning of the 21st century.
We have discovered during the first shows volcanos, great builders and wild animals… Shows that are for the whole family and don’t cease to impress.
Next show will be on the secrets of the mountains, Jamy will take us to the peaks of the highest ones!


  • Airing Time : since May 7th 2014
  • Broadcasting Channel : France 3
  • Presenter : Jamy Gourmaud
  • Producer : Philippe Molins
  • Format : 110 minutes