For the fortieth anniversary of the theme park 40 ans du Puy du Fou, 5 M6 presenters have agreed to meet an exceptional challenge! David Ginola, Philippe Etchebest, Ophélie Meunier, Julia Vignali and Jérôme Anthony will take part in the largest attractions put on at the park. They have 48 hours to learn how to be stuntman, musketeer, gladiator, flamenco dancer or even falconer, before the big test in front of an audience of the general public. During this exceptional prime time broadcast the presenter Stéphane Rotenberg follows the progress of the five protagonists but also through them allows the viewers back stage to see the workings of the “best theme park in the world”
Opened in 1978 by Philippe de Villiers, le Puy du Fou is at the moment run by one of his sons: Nicolas de Villiers. The various scenes depict historical moments of the region’s past and a multitude of volunteers enthusiastically offer their services to participate in the spectacles.


  • Broad cast season 2: Wednesday 25th October 21h
  • Broad casting Channel: M6
  • Presenter : Stéphane Rotenberg
  • Producer : Pallas Télévision
  • Format : 145 minutes