On Monday September 5th at 20.44 on NT1, Pallas Production broadcast an exceptional documentary in the heart of the fire of the century.

The north of Marseille has been destroyed this summer. For more than a week, nearly 1800 firemen have been fighting a gigantic fire nonstop. Some of the flames reached 30 metres in height. They are talking about fire walls, nourished by swirling winds and simultaneous fires starting in several places at once.

The firemen had to risk everything, in the middle of a blazing inferno. The inhabitants of some of the houses had to leave everything in a rush. Houses in the heart of the “garrigue” were trapped in the flames.


  • Airing time: Monday September 5th at 20.50
  • Broadcasting channel : NT1
  • Producer : Pallas Television
  • Format : 60 minutes