From Monday to Friday, 5 sales people offer for sale by auction fashionable women’s clothes and accessories to 12 non-professional buyers. Before being put on sale, the items are given to four experts to be authenticated, estimate their value, their condition and the history of the model. The buyers may try on as many articles as they wish a few days before the sale. Cristina Cordula will not miss a crumb of their fittings in order to give her opinion and advice on film! To acquire their best loved items, the twelve buyers must pay with their own money but will not hesitate to use strategies to get a better price on the articles offered in the private auctions managed by the auctioneer Serge Hutry and followed by Cristina Cordula.


  • Broadcast date: Monday 7 january 2019 at 17h40
  • Broadcast: From Monday to Friday at 17h40
  • Broadcasting channel: M6
  • Presenter : Cristina Cordula
  • Production : Hervé Hubert
  • Format : 60 minutes