“Top Gear” is the adaptation of the show in England, under the same name, “Top Gear” of a unique automotive entertainment. Here you will find impossible challenges, wild races, construction of crazy vehicles… The hosts of Top Gear give it their all to share their passion and satisfy their audience, without ever taking themselves seriously.

In eight years of Top Gear France, they have multiplied the number of off-track excursions, they have compared the incomparable, they have taken walls, hit bars and lost their marbles. For its 9th season, Top Gear is back on the floor and completely renovated! Presented by Philippe Lellouche, Bruce Jounny, Le Tone and Luc Alphand cling to the automobile, the program is embodied by the famous duo of content creators Sylvain Levy and Pierre Chabrier. Their automotive channel “Vilebrequin” has more than 160 million views and more than 2.4 million subscribers. Sylvain and Pierre, bottle-fed with the UK version of Top Gear, are the perfect drivers to lead this new season to success. They were able to bring all their creativity, their modernity and their passion for cars! Finally, the writing and production of this new season, entrusted to the comedian Monsieur Poulpe, dust off the automobile shows and brings just the right amount of madness and humor to the content.


  • Diffuion: Friday March 15 at 9:10 p.m.
  • broadcasting channel : RMC découverte et RMC BFM PLAY
  • Presenters: Philippe Lellouche, Le Tone, Bruce Jouanny, Luc Alphand
  • Producer : BBC Worldwide France
  • Format : 70 minutes