Jérôme Anthony, the host and Emmanuel Layan, the auctioneer, help some families, since 2010, to find hidden treasures in their houses, so that they can sell them at auction.
As years go by, we pile up objects at home; they get dusty until we totally forget about them. According to the BVA institute: there would be 12 billion euros sleeping in French closets.
Since 2015, auctioneers formed a duo, with Elsa Gody who joined the team and helps Emmanuel Layan.


  • Airing Time : Every Saturday at 6:40pm
  • Broadcasting Channel : M6
  • Presenters : Jérôme Anthony and co-animé by Emmanuel Layan et Elsa Gody
  • Producer : Mediafisher productions/Gtnco
  • Format : 52 minutes