Dropping incomes, never stopping rhythm, Eastern Countries ‘competition… The roadwork becomes more and more difficult. And some of those drivers are exhausted or too stressed, transformed in “rolling bombs”. As a result, heavyweights are responsible in 12% of accidents. Causing it, drug abuse, and alcohol, sleeping drivers or high speed. Among the most dangerous, there are those called “road slaves”: drivers from eastern countries, paid 600 euros a month and capable of driving for 3000 kilometers without sleeping. Some others, as Denis, driver for 25 years, continue to work with passion… if they don’t cross Calais.

Closest to England, everyday, hundreds of clandestine people reach for the trucks, and many succeed to hide inside. Sometimes facing death. Drivers have to face a new problem: the theft of merchandises. More and more trucks are robbed. A real criminal organization (with fake drivers) who works on the road of France and that sell the stolen cargo all over Europe. We have met, exclusively, the presume leader of an international mafia stealing cargo. Despite difficulties, the work still inspires dreams. Especially for the lovers of beautiful mechanics. In France, truckers drive in vehicles with shining chromes and special looks as amazing as the giant trucks in USA.


  • Diffusion : Sunday, October 25 at 11 pm
  • Channel : M6
  • Host : Bernard De La Villadière
  • Production : Tony Comiti
  • Length : 54 minutes





Star journalist, Bernard de la Villardière hosts since 2005 the magazine “Enquête Exclusive” on M6. Graduated in journalism, public law along with politic sciences, he obtained a license of journalism at the CELSA.
Bernard de la Villardière makes his first steps as journalist in the public television service in the 80’s before going to radio. He broadcasts news in a Vendee radio, and then writes briefly for a reunion newspaper. He contributes to the birth of France Info in 1987, and also to the information channel LCI, in 1994, and then works for RTL between those two launches.

In 1998, he is nominated responsible of morning news at Europe 1 before being recruited by M6 at fall. In September 1998, Bernard de La Villardière, joins M6 to host “Zone Interdite”, the Sunday magazine of great reports about society created by Patrick de Carolis in March 1993. From 2001 to 2005, he hosts in parallel “Ça me révolte” on the same channel.
In 2003, he creates his production company, “Ligne de Front”, before buying the information website “”. In 2013, he produces the controversy documentary on the Outreau case, “Outreau, l’autre vérité” out in theaters on Mach 6, 2013, directed by Serge Garde, former journalist at l’Humanité.