Eight amateur hairdressers are competing to get the “Best Amateur Hairdresser award of the Year”. They are self-taught, enthusiasts, or trainees, but they don’t yet earn a living from hairdressing.
This competition between talents takes place under the rigorous eyes of experts: Eva Guide, specialist in a salon, and Alain Pichon, a studio hairdresser known all around the world, styling the greatest stars.
To decide between candidates, a technical test and an artistic one are imposed.
The technical test will allow the jury to evaluate the candidates’ skills such as : bobs, buns, plats … All of the great classics will be honoured. This test will lead to a ranking of the candidates. The ones with the best grades will be granted perks in the artistic test.
For the artistic part, their creativity will be assessed. Celebrities’ hairstyles, mythical, bride’s or movie’s… the crazier, the better!
At the end of this test, the jury will nominate the week’s best hairdresser along with the least successful who will have to leave the competition.
Armed with their combs and their scissors, the eight candidates will compete not only to get the “Best Hairdresser Amateur Award of the Year” but also for the publication of their best hairstyles in a book, Editions Lafon, and a 6 weeks training offered by one of the best French hairdressers.


  • Airing Time : from November 7th at 4:55pm
  • Broadcasting Channel : TF1
  • Presenter : Sandrine Corman
  • Producer : BBC
  • Format : 40 minutes