Every week, 4 restaurant owners compete with each other. Invited in turn to each other’s restaurant, they judge according to 4 criteria: décor, cooking, food and the bill.
Each candidate finds out the marks they were given by the others, then the mark quality vs price on Friday, day of the final.
The week’s winner receives €3000.


  • Airing Time : Everyday at 5pm
  • Broadcasting Channel : TF1
  • Producer : TF1 Prod
  • Format : 52 minutes



The pick of the week is that “L’addition s’il vous plait” is making restaurant owners in the Gironde compete with each other. The Producers have travelled to the Gironde to shoot episodes which will be soon broadcast. Several settings have been chosen: Le Père Ouvrard in Bouscat, Le Platane in Lanton, but also La Ferme and Le Café Blanc.
Every day, one of the restaurant owners welcomes its competitors for an evening meal. He is then judged according to different criteria: cooking, the dish and the restaurant.
For this special edition, the hospitality, the service and the cost of the bill are also taken into account. This mark is kept secret until the end of the week.

For the competitors, it is a different ball game… They will have to wait until the end of the broadcast to find out their result.
“When we were contacted, we thought why not”, explains Hossein Aminian, owner of the restaurant “La Ferme à Bruges”. “It’s a national channel. It was the opportunity for us to show what can be done in an industrial zone: a home cooked dinner in a farm, where you don’t expect it”.