“New look for a new life” hosted by the ex-model Cristina Cordula is a programme where each candidate is given a total new look in each broadcast.
It is divided into three parts:
– Street interview: the candidate stands in a working class part of town. She cannot hear, but some passers-by have stopped to say what they think of the candidate’s look.
– Physical transformation: Cristina Cordula takes the candidate to various boutiques where she suggests several styles which will change her radically. Not forgetting make up, hair style…
– Final street interview: this last stage allows to see how radical the change is, and finally, the candidate is revealed to her close family and friends.


  • Airing Time : Every Monday at 10:45
  • Broadcasting Channel : M6
  • Host : Christina Cordula
  • Producer : Link Production
  • Format: 90 minutes