“Confessions Intimes” shows the daily life of people or couples with behavioural problems: OCD, managing children, couple misunderstandings… These people are grouped into mini features, often filmed at home. There is, also, a small report where each person is directly in front of the camera in order to talk about his/her feelings and mood.
Once the problem analysed, a therapist comes and helps them to face up to the reality of the situation. Their own images filmed during conflicts are often shown in order for them to realise their state of mind.
The show return a few months later in order for viewers to see what has become of the subjects.


  • Airing Time : Sunday night at 10:40pm and 01:15am / Wednesday at 20h50 and 22h40
  • Broadcasting Channel : NT1
  • Host: Christophe Beaugrand
  • Producer : TF1 Production
  • Format : 90 minutes