Every morning, TFOU is the under 10s favourite children’s programme. The unique talent of TF1 group in the conception of children’s programmes explains the success of the best offer of programmes for youth on the French market over the past 15 years. The slot records an average rating of 29% for 4 to 10 year old viewers. Every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 6.50 to 8.30, on Wednesdays from 6.50 to 10.45, and on Sundays from 6.50 to 10.15, children will find their tailor made programme. Each show illustrating in its own way, the programme’s motto: “TFOU, THERE IS NO CRAZIER!”
TFOU broadcasts 1000 hours of children programmes each year, including 75% of European pieces, and a dozen new features mixing adventure, comedy and emotion. Added to which, the brand offers a strong support to French cartoon production, through its investment and the development of 6 co-productions a year, on average (pre-purchase and co-productions together). All of this, helps TFOU create a constant offer that is both rich and varied.


  • Airing Time :Tuesday to Saturday from 6:25am
  • Broadcasting Channel : TF1
  • Producer : TF1 prod
  • Format : 120 minutes