Along the coast of France and England on both sides of the Channel Hitler and Churchill were engaged in a ferocious battle for four years. The control of the Channel was of major strategic importance. The aim of the Nazis was clear, annihilate the port of Dover in England and stop maritime traffic. For the English the goal was to stop the progress of the 3rd Reich by blocking the northern entrance to the Channel and in so doing stop any activity in the port of Calais. The ruins in the aftermath of combat on the coast each side of the Channel bear witness to a fascinating chapter of the Second World War.

Among the participants, renowned French historians are present such as Robert Franck, Yves le Maner, Franck Dufossé but also the historian of German origin, Stefan Martens. They bring analysis of the duel between Hitler and Churchill for the five tears in question. The British historian Jon Iveson reveals in just what perilous state the British Isles found itself during the summer of 1940 and the martyrdom of the inhabitants of Dover during the five years! Other than contemporary filming rare and often unseen before archive footage is shown. The aim was to blockade the circulation of military traffic in the straights of the Pas de Calais during the five years of war between the two belligerent parties.


  • Broadcast : at 20:55
  • Channel : RMC découverte
  • Producer : Imagissime and Atlantis Télévision
  • Director : André Annosse
  • Format : 52 minutes


23th Decembre 1940: Visit of fortifications

Canon of battery TODT

One of the three Towers of battery TODT

Pas de Calais: The bombed shores of the Detroit