An original cookery programme that brings together in the same team a leading chef and a novice to cooking. The chefs are not at the ovens with their apprentices but must direct them through the earphones! Two duos confront one another each day and must prepare in an hour the « dish of the day ». A great family meal but more than anything one that can be made by anyone!
At the end of each programme the two meals made by the novices are subjected to the demanding taste buds of the programme’s expert: Estérelle Payany, culinary critic for a number of publications.

For the winners: kitchen equipment, fittings or utensils to permit a renewed interest in cooking and to give flavour to their menus.

A Chef in the ear is a light hearted contest with positive values focused on the sharing and giving of cookery knowledge.


  • Broadcast: Monday to Friday at 16:55
  • Channel : France 2
  • Présenter : Elodie Gossuin
  • Producer : Warner Bros. International Television Production France and France Télévisions
  • Format : 55 minutes