“4 mariages pour 1 lune de miel” has 4 brides and grooms compete. Each of the couples accepts to be filmed on their wedding day, but also to invite as judges, the other 3 brides to the most beautiful day of their lives.
Each episode follows the wedding day of one of the couples, the 3 other brides mark different defined aspects of the wedding:
– the venue and decoration
– the meal’s quality
– the general atmosphere
– the wedding dress
At the end of the week after the four weddings, the couple with the best score will win their dream honeymoon.


  • Airing time :From Monday to Friday from 5:10pm to 6:05pm
  • Broadcasting Channel : TF1
  • Producern : ITV studio France
  • Format : 60 minutes


Four weddings for a honeymoon is sometimes clashes… :


The show on the week of November 24th inaugurated something new, after the passing of the law allowing weddings for all; a homosexual couple was able to participate in the show. The wedding theme of Jean-Claude and Jocelyn was on “floral romantics”. This wedding was talked about a lot on social media and drew a bigger audience.