The Zoologic Parc of Paris, which opened in 1934, has always been described as the most modern in Europe. 80 years later, almost everything has changed: from the way animals are exhibited to the change of animal habitats. At the end of 2011, a major overhaul started at the Paris Zoo, the animals were sent all over the world during that time.
The Park was scheduled to reopen in April 2014, the caretakers and vets started counting the days before the reopening. The biggest job was still to come. A thousand animals were to come back to populate the ecosystem, constitute groups, fill the aquariums…
The filming team followed the men and animals for 2 years in order to tell their story in this extraordinary adventure.
A film directed by Guy Beauché.


  • Airing Time : April 12th to 18th 2014
  • Broadcasting Channel : France 2 et France 5
  • Producer : MFP – France Télévisions – Gédéon Programmes
  • Format : 5 X 26 minutes (France 5) and 1X52 minutes (France 2)