Each day 3 new couples are in competition to follow a recipe to make a convivial meal for four in less than an hour. Only one half of the couple knows the recipe and must direct the other half from a distance to make the meal! But to guide someone who knows nothing about cooking is not simple… and revealing about the couple’s dynamic! Between tender affection, hysterical laughter, stress and domestic squabbles one episode is never like another!
Thankfully, if the tone rises, the candidate can do what everyone dreams of: pressing on a button gives them 60 seconds of peace and quiet! This minute of silence allows respite to no longer hear the admonitions of the other half at the risk of having their knuckles tapped later!
At the end of the allotted time each meal prepared by the three candidates is tasted by the partners and a mark out of ten given. But note this tasting is done blind, the eyes blindfolded! A partner may in this situation shoot down in flames the dish cooked by their other half without knowing it!
The couple with the best mark wins €1 000.


  • Broadcast: Monday to Friday at 16:55
  • Channel: France 2
  • Producer : La post production
  • Format : 47 minutes