Elie Semoun acts in a “docu-fiction” to celebrate his 20 years’ career as a comedian. To do it, he looks for clues from his artists and friends like Djamel Debbouze, Anna Chedid, Muriel Robin or even Manu Payet and a lot more.
He goes back on his 20 years of different sketches, archive images, friends’ interviews, for an evening that combines laughter and complicity.


  • Airing Time : Saturday November 20th at 20.55
  • Broadcasting Channel : D8
  • Producer : CALT
  • Format : 90 minutes



Atlantis Television - Elie Semoun, l'effroyable vérité

Elie Semoun: French comedian and actor.
He met Muriel Robin during his time with the Roger Louret’s team in 1982.
Indeed, theatre was his passion since childhood. His first play was with Muriel Robin in “Les Folies Amoureuses” in 1983. His first steps on the boards allowed him to get into television.
1988-1991: He got a part in the show “Vivement lundi!”.
1990: it’s the collaboration with his childhood friend, Dieudonné, which allowed him to become a comedian. Together, they became famous with their show “Elie and Dieudonné” and “Elie and Dieudonné in custody”. Their careers took a giant step forward at that moment.
1997: the duo broke off.
Elie Semoun went on alone and realised “Les Petites Annonces d’Elie”. It was Franck Dubosc who became his partner and friend in this project. Thanks to a large panel of characters who seduced the public, Elie Semoun became a reference with his characters, notably, Kevina, Cyprien or even Mikeline!

1999: “Elie et Semoun”, he came back on stage with his first stand-up.
2002: “Elie Semoun à l’Olympia”
2005: “Elie Semoun se prend pour qui?”
2008: “Merki”
2012: “Tranches de vies”
These one-man shows were a real success.
At the same time, Elie Semoun also kept a career in cinema. We saw him in humorous movies such as “Les Trois Frères”, “Iznogoud”, “Astérix aux jeux Olympiques”, “l’élève Ducobu”, “Qu’est ce qu’on a fait au bon Dieu?”.
2003: Elie Semoun produced his first album “Chansons”
2007: Second album “Sur le fil”
2013: first tweet-series “What Ze Teuf”. We find him side by side with other comedians such as: Arnaud Tsamère, Eric Judor, Baptiste Lecaplain, Brahim Asloum.
2014: he is chosen to host on France 2 “Le 52e Gala de l’Union des Artistes”.
After being the French voice of cult character Sid in the “Ice Age”, Elie Semoun didn’t give up on fictitious characters and came back with “Ice Age 5”.