“Enchères Made in France” invites you to the daily routine of an auction house with a team composed of four experts: Eric, the manager who is passionate about comic books, art and beautiful objects, Tristan, a specialist of furniture and art, and also the funny element of the team, Yves, specialized in industrial material, collection cars and guns and Lionel, the storekeeper, also known as the clown of the auction house.
This show will take you backstage for insight into this unknown but fascinating job and allow you to participate in adventures with sellers who want to have a price on their rare or atypical objects. Share their expertise to evaluate those goods and sell them at the correct price.
Expertise, authenticate and evaluate objects that sellers want to get rid of, those are the main missions of our team of auctioneers.
You will also discover some private blind sales with unusual objects put to auction by the house and witness real battles between buyers. A ferocious competition exclusive to pros exclusively picked, from general junk peddlers to specialized antique dealers.
Live an exceptional experience with the different actors of this really closed world of auction sales.


  • Airing time : From Sunday, December 13th
  • Broadcasting Channel : RMC découverte
  • Producer : Mediafisher
  • Format: 15 x 52 minutes