Some stairs badly placed which prevent access to a public building, a restaurant in which the tables are too close together, Don’t Push! in each episode, Nadège Beausson-Diagne and Bruno de Stabenrath open the envelope which contains their mission for that day: sign up at a sports centre, drive a luxury car, buy a theatre ticket or even go on a fairground ride. Nothing very complicated for most of us. But not so obvious if one gets around in a wheel chair. And it is without being shy that Nadège and Bruno set off to denounce the obstacles they come across in town et and congratulate the initiatives that make life easier for the handicapped. Accessibility, diversity, making aware and humour are the ingredients of this programme which lifts the veil on a way of life which is not like everyone’s. Nadège and Bruno become ambassadors for accessibility to change our view on handicap, bring the problem to the fore in the minds of professionals and militate with humour for a fairer sharing of public spaces.


  • Broadcast season 1: from Saturday the 11th to Monday the 20th of February at 8:40pm
  • Broadcast season 2: from Monday the 22nd of may at 8:40pm
  • Broadcast season 3: from Monday the 19th of June at 8:40pm
  • Broadcasting channel : Numéro 23
  • Producer: 99%
  • Presenter : Bruno De Stabenrath and Nadège Beausson-Diagne
  • Format : 9 minutes