The Best French Menu is a weekly competition between five chefs/restauranteurs from the same region.
These chefs already hold senior status in their restaurants, some of them already have been awarded stars. This competition permits them to present and be judged on what they consider to be “The Best French Menu”.
The competitors confront one another from Monday to Friday and aim to dazzle the jury by presenting a starter, a main comprised of fish or meat, and to finish a sweet. Following these rules each chef chooses a menu which they have prepared and practiced for weeks with their colleagues for entry to the competition. They will be judged on their talent, creativity and technical skill but above all for the use of ingredients for which their Region is known.
At the end of the week, on Friday, the two chefs who have demonstrated the greatest ability, must produce the whole menu with a view to choosing a winner who will be awarded the title of Best Menu for their Region.
The jury is made up of Laurent Mariotte and Yannick Delpech, who will evaluate them, but also advise them on each course, and this for the whole week.
But,on Friday, for the final, a celebrated chef from their Region , will be present to help the jury reach a decision in the final.
That is not all: at the end of the five contests, the five best regional chefs will compete in a grand national finale. Upstream, a preparation of one week has taken place for the regional chefs to be assessed on a daily basis by a third judge, a well-known name of French gastronomy.
A huge prize: the winner will have the honor of serving their exceptional menu at the event of a gala dinner celebrating the 150th anniversary of the Croix-Rouge.


  • Broadcast : 6pm
  • Broadcasting channel : TF1
  • Presenter : Laurent Mariotte and Yannick Delpech
  • Producer : BBC et TF1 prod
  • Format : 38 minutes