The game is entirely based on general knowledge questions as images projected onto an interactive screen on the studio floor.

Each candidate has at their disposal five golden rings which need to be placed in the correct position on the giant screen on the floor in order to reply to the question. As the game progresses the rings shrink and the replies must be more precise to more difficult questions.

For the first broadcast of the programme i twill be shown during prime time at 20.55h on Thursday 24th August with prestigious contestants who will play with the proceeds going to charities Patrice Laffont and Marie-Ange Nardi will play for La Ligue contre le cancer, Linda Hardy and Marine Lorphelin for Les Bonnes Fées, Valérie Damidot and Gil Alma for CéKeDuBonheur and Stéphane Bern will be teamed with Françoise Laborde to help Le Refuge.


  • Broadcast : from Thursday 24th August at 20.
  • Broadcasting Channel : France 2
  • Presenter : Olivier Minne
  • Producer : ITV Studios France
  • Format : 40 minutes