13 years after the first season, the adventure game “I’m a celebrity, get me out of here !” is back of TF1.
11 celebs are going to have to live in the jungle, far from their home comforts and face challenges to stay in the adventure and win money for the benefit of the charitable association they represent.
The game is structured around three challenges:
– The winning of stars which will allow the contestants to improve their living conditions in the jungle
– The chest challenge which permits them to win money for their association
– Elimination process, as the name suggests, crucial for the one who loses it

For this new season, 11 celebritieshave enrolled :
The presenter Julien Lepers for l’orphelinat de la RATP, the model Giovanni Bonamy for l’association Global gift Foundation, the presenter Capucine Anav fot the association Sourire d’enfant, the boxer Brahim Asloum for la fondation Claude Pompidou, the swimmer Frédérick Bousquet pour l’association Graines de Joie, the singer and actor Frédéric Longbois for l’association E.L.A, the singer Nilusi pour l’association de l’Unicef, la danseuse Candice Pascal for the association Les petits Princes, the former Miss France Alexandra Rosenfeld for the association Action contre la faim, the singer Sloane for the association HAMAP-Humanitaire and the comedian et animateur Gérard Vives for the association La Sapaudia.

But don’t forget! at any time, a celebrity can put an end to their participation by shouting the cult phrase of the programme “I’m a celebrity, get me out of here!”


  • Broadcast date : tuesday 9th July at 9pm
  • Broadcasting channel : TF1
  • Format : 120 minutes
  • Jury : Laurence Boccolini and Christophe Dechavanne
  • Producer : ITV Studios France

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