Jérôme Bonaldi, innovations specialist and Erika Delattre project manager for innovation in large companies and specialist for new trends visiting exhibitions and trade fairs all over France on the lookout for the next new gadget that will change the lives of the French public.
Students, pensioners or ordinary Sunday do it yourselfers, all share the same dream, see their invention brought to the market.
Every day, one inventor will be selected by our two specialists et and will be given the opportunity to present their invention to a major high street chain.
The final will take place during the Concours Lépine with for the winner: The marketing of their innovative product all over France through, CDiscount.

Which inventer will see their dream become reality ?


  • Broadcast Date : Monday 20 may at 18h40
  • Broadcasting channel : M6
  • Format : 47 minutes
  • Jury : Erika Delattre et Jérôme Bonaldi
  • Producers : Studio 89