A candidate is confronted by 10 questions before leaving the game. During his tenth and last question, and for this one only, the candidate can leave the game without answering, after hearing the question; but then he goes back to the lower level.
Each question has 4 suggested answers. If the candidate is in doubt, he can use up to 7 jokers and get help from an accomplice named “the last joker”. Each joker, including the last one, offers help on the answers and adds 15 seconds to the answer time. The 7 first jokers delete one of the wrong answers given by the candidate (he has to point out the four, three or two answers that trouble him). The jokers can be combined (the candidate can use 3 jokers to point out the 3 wrong answers to a question). The “last joker”, which is the opportunity to discuss with an accomplice, is authorised after the use of the 7 first jokers but before the 10th and last question.
Each right answer gets the candidate to the next level of winnings. A wrong answer and he loses 3 jokers or, if there are no more, he goes back to the lower level.
To answer the questions, the candidate is limited in time: 30 seconds for the first 5 questions and then 60 seconds for the following five.
The public can play live via a free application, and someone can share the winnings of the candidate.


  • Airing Time:From Monday to Friday at 6:15pm
  • Broadcasting Channel : France 2
  • Presenter : Olivier Minne
  • Producer : Hubert Prod
  • Format: 35 minutes