A wedding is a once in a lifetime event at which all eyes are on one person: the bride! It is all about that one day when she has the chance to become the princess she has always dreamt of being.
The programme follows four brides in their preparations for this unforgettable day. They are going to try and find the best outfit, the perfect make up and the accessory which will render them exceptional. They will do everything during the course of the fittings to prove to their competitors that there isn’t another bride like herself. For this competition, not seen before, they will all be accompanied by two people with whom they are close to guide and help them make the right choices because for their big day everything should be perfect!
The future brides will be scored and judged on four main points:
– The dress
– The accessory
– The make-up
Finally, on Friday, after having been revealed completely prepared, the final mark will be given: that for the whole makeover!
So which of the four brides will succeed in finding the perfect look to dazzle the others and win the competition?


  • Broadcast: Monday to Friday at 17h10
  • Broad casting Channel: TF1
  • Presenter : Karine Ferri
  • Producer :ITV Studios France
  • Format : 48 min