Mac Lesggy returns to events French history which have affected French daily life. These stories contain unusual events, but the programme’s objective is to reveal what is left of the French heritage.
“L’Histoire au quotidien” shares the life of peasants, bourgeoisie and artisans who passionately re-enact History. They help viewers understand evolution and differences between yesterday and today, with the impact on heritage as a consequence.
Mac Lesggy is not alone; the historian Marjolaine Boutet accompanies him to meet the French people of yesterday. The host doesn’t hesitate to incarnate his hosts, trying on their clothes, doing the washing or sharing the traditional dinner table of a particular period of time.
As for Marjolaine Boutet, she conveys explanations which make the link between the past and nowadays. Of course, many other historians will add their knowledge on the period for each one of the programmes.
Added to all this, there are images from films, fiction and infographics…
The first episode is about the life of French people at the time of Louis XIV.


  • Airing Time : October 26, 2015
  • Broadcasting Channel : M6
  • Presenter : Mac Lesggy
  • Producer : Link production
  • Format : 100 minutes