The making of the odyssey of mankind was post produced at Atlantis television.
This docu-fiction shows the evolutional history of the hominines during 8 million years, from Toumaï and Orrorin tugenensis (an extinct species of humanoid) to the Homo sapiens passing through Lucy, Homo habilis, and Homo erectus.
Ten million years ago, in tropical Africa, because the forest disappeared, some greater primates stood up and began to walk on their feet. Facing the dangers of the grasslands, as every living being, they defend themselves and adapt. Their brains grow, their conscience develops. They invent, organize, cross land and oceans. They conquer the World.


  • Airing Time :January 7th 2003
  • Broasdcasting Channel :
  • Producer : France 3, Transparences Productions, 17 Juin Production, Pixcom, RTBF, Mac Guff Ligne
  • Format: 90 minutes


L’Odyssée de l’espèce: a large success!

France 3: a record for the Odyssey of mankind
The documentary on the ancestors of man, the odyssey of the mankind, broadcast on Tuesday night on France 3, attracted 8,7 million viewers. According to the public channel, “it’s the best rating for the first part of the evening since the 1998 football world cup”.

France 3 was ahead of TF1 and its “Sous-doués” (7, 4 million viewers, 28.9% of audience), and France 2 who broadcast the movie “Association de malfaiteurs” (4.1 million viewers and 16.8% of audience) …

Source : Libération