Atlantis Television is dealing with the post production of Sunday + for which Laurence Ferrari hosts the show.
The show is dedicated to political news in France, around a guest.
At the beginning of the show, an episode of the series The Castle shows important moments of political news of the week. Three reports come to punctuate the interview of both guests. The show ends with the Teaser, the agenda of events to come, directed by Nicolas Escoulan.
Then, the formula changed: the show started with a reminder of news and two columns during the show: French Paradox on legal aspects in different countries confronted with France’s situation, the ON/OFF by Karim Rissouli. Two reports are also broadcast.


  • Airong Time :from September 10th 2006 to June 23rd 2013
  • Broadcasting Channel : Canal +
  • Host : Laurence Ferrari (2006 – 2008) – Anne-Sophie Lapix (2008 – 2013)
  • Producer : Canal +
  • Format : 55 minutes