In this new programme, the team of presenters will interest themselves in activities for the weekend, culture news such as film or festivals, also the latest trends in music. The tag team will also give their advice on interior design and wellbeing in the home. #Weekend, takes place in a pretty little house and touches any topic of interest to help the viewer unwind from the pressures of the week, enjoy it and in the end spoil yourself.

TF1 will start the weekend under a banner of relaxation, shrewd ideas and good mood.
The cooking journalist Laurent Mariotte will suggest some simple recipes to try which are within everyone’s grasp. For example, a recipe which uses a seasonal ingredient of the week, always with a clever technique, a good idea from our master chef…


  • Airing time : Every Saturday at 10:35
  • Broadcasting : TF1
  • Presenters : Julia Vignali; Laurent Mariotte
  • Producer : TF1 prod
  • Format : 52 minutes