This year, Thomas Hugues is teaming up with Alice Antheaume, a specialist in news media, a new columnist, Julien Bellver, chief editor at PureMédias, and Bruno Donnet, Laetitia Krupa and Denis Bertrand.
Every week, Thomas Hugues receives a guest as a star witness on the show, who will give his views on media news.
Laetitia Krupa analyses the press conferences which had the most impact and reaction from journalists during the week. Julien Bellver talks about a new show which will be at the forefront in days to come. Denis Bertrand also illustrates the confrontation of “the week’s debate” proposed by Thomas Hugues.


  • Airing Time : every Sunday at 12:35
  • Broadcasting Channel : France 5
  • Presenters : Thomas Hugues
  • Producer : France Télévision
  • Format: 65 minutes