The programme is broadcast on M6 from 2006 and 2014 and hosted by Stéphane Rotenberg.
Twenty candidates are divided into teams of two. Every team competes all along a 10 000km race on a continent that varies depending on the season. The challenge in huge: 1€ per day and per person. For everything else: they will have to be daring and trade services…with people they will meet during their journey to obtain some help.

From season 1 to season 10, candidates could win as much as €50 000 after 45 days. For the following seasons, the sum increased to €100 000.


  • Airing Time : From January 15th 2006 to June 18th 2014
  • Broadcasting Channel : RMC découverte
  • Presenter : Stéphane Rotenberg
  • Producer : Studio 89
  • Format : 120 minutes

Season 12 teaser !



Bad news for “Pekin Express”, in 2014: 51 members of the team were arrested in the Chalsa region, in India. The police found of interest the presence of 22 satellite phones in a sensitive zone of the country. After a few hours, only three technicians were still detained by the police. Every member arrested suffered interrogations by Indian customs and counter-espionage officers.

But M6 wants to reassure its viewers: the shooting will take place for the 10th season of “Pekin Express”. We don’t know, however, if the host, Stéphane Rotenberg has also been arrested.
The 10th season began in Bangladesh on January 21st 2014. The season named “A la découverte des mondes inconnus” will have the candidates go through Sri Lanka, Nagaland, the kingdom of Bhutan and India.
This year, “Pekin Express” enrolled former candidates from previous seasons: Daidi from season 1 or even Jacky from season 4.