Twenty children aged 9 to 12 participate in a specialised knowledge competition. First because all these children have an IQ superior to 130 (only 2,5% of the population would be in this category).
Many different disciplines are put forward: memory, spelling, maths or general knowledge. These very special children should amaze us with their quick-wittedness, their intellectual rigour and sharpness.
The laureate will permit his or her college to win €20 000 to use for an educational project.
The programme “Petits Génies” sponsored by an international organisation which helps develop high potential people (MENSA), doesn’t just highlight the competition as we will also discover the children’s families and backgroundS. Specialists will analyse the children’s life, their success and difficulties in everyday life…


  • Airing Time : 22th of décember à 8.55PM
  • Broadcasting Channel : M6
  • Producer : GTNCO
  • Format : 26 minutes


Tia Cotant, 11 ans

At 11, Tia Cotant is in the 2nd year of the Jean-Giono Beausset college. With a year in advance (she skipped a primary school year), she has just received her first term report. She came first in her class with a general average mark of 18,80/20, and received congratulations…as she did three times last year.
About her participating in a TV show: “I had already seen children answering questions on mythology and thought to myself that I would really like to do that. I like learning and sharing my knowledge with others”, the young lady admits.

The M6 team came to film Tia in her daily life (rock-climbing on the coast of the Giens peninsula, in the archaeological site of Olbia d’Hyères) just to show that in spite of her ability, she remains a child like others.

About her precociousness: “It makes it easy for me to learn, understand and do lots of things!”.

Her mum: “Tia doesn’t hide her precociousness, she now accepts it fully at college, even if it created difficulties for her to become integrated with children her own age at primary school”.

Tia appreciated being close to her cousin in Paris. He encouraged her and took good care of her.

“And it was the first time I took the plane!”, she exclaimed.

She owes her reading passion to her grandmother.

“I have learnt to read on my own in one week before entering primary school”, she recalls. Tia who likes to be called “our little book worm” was totally converted when she read “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”.

She also adored The Diary of Anne Frank which she integrated to a book she wrote, her second one: “It is the story of a little girl in a library who meets Anne Frank, the characters of Grimm’s tales. It allows me to discover my favourite books and my favourite place, the library.”, she concludes.

Tia Cotant imagines herself as an author or an animal care worker in a zoo.