The writer Philippe Besson and the journalist Elizabeth Tchoungui go to meet male and female politicians who are involved in the presidential election campaign for 2017.

The time is spent having a snack whilst talking nonstop, a chat which will depart from the well worn subjects. The guests will talk about current affairs but above all cover the problems of integration. In the convivial atmosphere of a food truck parked at a location of their choice, all will be revealed, their character, tastes, weaknesses, what annoys the guests but also how they are affected by power, fame, victory and defeat…

Above all their view on the diversity of French society.


  • Airing time: Saturday 8th October at 1pm
  • Broadcasting channel : Numéro 23
  • Présenters :Philippe Besson & Elizabeth Tchoungui
  • Producer: 99%
  • Format : 26 minutes