In France one pupil in ten considers school to be a place of suffering, often because they are the victim of bullying. A situation which was ignored for a long time in France where the first campaign bringing it to public attention was in 2011. The airing of the TV Film “Marion, 13 forever” tells the story of the suicide of Marion Fraisse, victim of bullying serves as the starting point of a debate on the subject.

A debate which explores the measures which may be taken to combat bullying in school and how to help the victims. In the presence of Nora Fraisse, mother of the young Marion, who killed herself because of the bullying of which she was victim, but also present representatives of the Education Authority, victims and parents.


  • Airing time : Wednesday 27th September 2016 at 22.25h
  • Broadcasting : France 3
  • Presenter : Carole Gaessler
  • Producer : MFP
  • Format : 45 minutes