Hier, Yesterday, today and tomorrow is programme featuring items of culture in which Frederic Taddéi welcomes authors to discuss current news of an intellectual nature.

Each broadcast, which is filmed in la Plaine Saint-Denis in an abstract setting, includes a number of interviews as well as a debate between two personalities.

Frederic Taddéi and his guests debate several topics: history, economics, science or daily life. The idea is to better understand the world and to favour the discussion of real matters. It is effectively an ideas review.

As Frederic Taddéi confirms: “The summary is very much focused on today’s reality. What is it to be young today, compared with 20 or 40 years ago. The philosopher Alain Badiou explains that issues are different and his analysis is brilliant. It’s no longer the same for a precise reason which he explains to us, in relation to modern times and the end of tradition. Another interesting question: why so many candidates for the presidential election. What does it mean? Is it a more democratic process than it was yesterday? Political parties are fading away and the polls replace them? All that is Yesterday, today and tomorrow. To understand today, you have to work out in what way it is different from yesterday and what it could become tomorrow.”


  • Airing time : Wednesday 21th September at 23.30h
  • Broadcasting channel : France 2
  • Presenter : Frédéric Taddeï
  • Producer : MFP
  • Format : 120 minutes