“Rising Star” is an innovative singing contest. This programme invites candidates to sing, but this time they have been previously judged by viewers but also by judges voting through an application. If enough viewers vote positively, the curtain hiding the candidate will open: he will then officially take part in the competition.

The jury is made up of four musical experts, but the viewers voting power will always have a greater weight than that of the experts. Indeed, during the auditions, the jury’s “yes” will only be worth 7% of the mark. During the final of the competition, their “yes” will only be worth 5% of the final mark.

Each candidate or band introduce themselves one by one on stage. A large screen separates them from the public and from the jury; it is called “The Digital Wall”. The candidate will be judged by the public and the jury throughout their performance. When it is over, depending on the number of “yes” and “no”, the candidate can participate or not in the competition. Each competitor should reach 70% of “yes” for the Digital wall to rise. If this happens, he can move to the next stage.
During each candidate’s performance, the photos of the viewers who voted for him or her will appear on the Digital Wall.


  • Airing Time : On Thursdays at 20.45 from September 25th to November 13th 2014
  • Broadcasting Channel : M6
  • Presenter : Faustine Bollaert and Guillaume Pley.
  • Producer : Studio 89
  • Format : 180 minutes