The programme follows Super Nanny, a teacher who travels the highways and byways of France to educate those in need on how to live and good manners in the role of a children’s’ governess. In her black suit, strict hairstyle and glasses at the end of her nose, she teaches parents facing difficulties different techniques on how to teach their children without nagging them. The various sections of the programme follow all the techniques used by the teacher whose work begins by several days of observation and then the putting in place of new rules to govern the home life of the family.
Super Nanny was originally created in the U.K. and the format has been adapted and used for programming in other countries.


  • Broadcasting date season 8: 3th november 2022 AT 9.05pm/li>
  • Broadcasting channel : TFX
  • Producer : Warner Bros. International Television Production France
  • Format : 90 min