#ViveLaPolitique! It is about that Mayor who needs to convince the citizens of his commune to welcome migrants when they are dead against it.
#ViveLaPolitique! It is about that other one who needs to make a choice between repairing roads or renovating the village hall, despite a tight budget.
#ViveLaPolitique! It is also about this woman candidate to local elections, a socialist candidate! It has to be done, and she does it. It is the riskiest of all local election.
#ViveLaPolitique! Because politics is the same as life… and life is complicated. So there will be joy, fear treason encounters, hope and frustration. There will be micro-projects, small backtracking, three tier strategy and challenges – sometimes narcissist- alliances and great conquests, ambition and ambitions.

#ViveLaPolitique! Because it is steadily on the side of those who carry and build public action, those small and major elected representatives, and as many “jobs”, as many viewpoints, as many goals. All fight with the energy of their convictions to defend their vision of general interest.

#ViveLaPolitique! Tells you all about that, the politics on the field, with the reality cinema codes…no comments or interviews. Just like in real life.


  • Airing Time : Thursday 3rd, Thursday 10th and Thursday 17th November at 23.40h
  • Broadcasting Channel : France 3
  • Producer : 5 Bis Productions
  • Format : 30 minutes