When he’s not in front of a camera or a photographer, Nikos Aliagas enjoys taking pictures of people crossing his path. Since his childhood, he photographs instants of life, real or imaginary. At first with an invisible camera in the schoolyard with his friends, and then through the years, with automatics, disposable, Polaroid, and box of all kinds.

More than a passion, the photo to Nikos is a real need:

“I look through the lens to try and see what’s not visible with the eye only, those lost moments, fragile and powerful at the same time”.

Nikos Aliagas doesn’t see himself as a professional photographer, but a lightened amateur, like the faces he sometimes immortalize: “I adapt to the light, the space and my subject. Nothing is planned, the click is as quick as the meet, almost in emergency, as if we didn’t have enough time to live our dreams.”

Known or unknown faces; Nikos Aliagas invites you to discover this little moment that transforms a meeting to an encounter.

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Atlantis Television - Exposition « Moments suspendus by Nikos Aliagas » à Atlantis TélévisionAtlantis Television - Exposition « Moments suspendus by Nikos Aliagas » à Atlantis Télévision

Info about Atlantis Television

As a audiovisual content supplier, Atlantis Television is happy to help promoting cultural events, to lend its space in order to promote and shine a light on artists that come from the world we work in, television.
We are proud to associate to Nikos today for this event and to offer him his first exhibition.

Exhibition from December 3, 2014 at ATLANTIS HALL
38, quai du Point du Jour
92100 Boulogne-Billancourt


Slide the opening of the December 3, 2014