In Las Vegas, twelve young singers are brought together who can be followed by viewers. They all come from musical shows which have been successful on French TV for the last ten years, such as “Star Academy”, “The Voice”, “Nouvelle Star” etc… For the next few weeks they will have to rise to many challenges and complete the preparation of a major concert they will give in Paris.

To that end, they will meet musical professionals. They must show their determination, singing sometimes in extreme conditions, and work every day.
Between daily life in the villa and rehearsals in the studio, they will only have a few weeks to get to know each other and prepare the show.

Will they achieve their dream? Prepare this incredible show? Between success, disappointment, hope and competition, will their friendship survive and will they stay united until the end of the adventure?


  • Airing Time :May 18th 2015
  • Broadcasting Channel : W9
  • Producer :909 PRODUCTION
  • Format : 30 minutes