“Appels d’Urgence” is a programme on social issues created in 2000 on TF1 which ended in 2013.
At the beginning, it was hosted by Carole Rousseau. Since 2015, and its broadcast on NT1 there is no longer a presenter.
The programme offers a series of unseen reports on professionals’ daily life, such as firemen, policemen or customs officers…
The focus is on the dangers of society as much as drugs as organ donation or petty crime. The programme allows solutions to be found to improve certain situations. The reports lead to discovering this world where answers are sorely needed.


  • Airing Time : Mondays at 20.55
  • Broadcasting Channel : TF1 puis NT1
  • Presenter : Carole Rousseau
  • Producer : TF1 production
  • Format : 56 minutes