“Un diner Presque parfait” comes back for another season! This year, candidates will have to show their generosity and creativity to surprise their guests. Each one of the five candidates will have to prepare dinner, amuse guests and fellow competitors for an evening. At stake? The title of best host and €1000.
In turn, each candidate will have to make sure that their guests are enchanted with their dinner, but that will not be the only aspect judged. Indeed, they will be assessed on the quality of the food and the general atmosphere and care taken by the host in the decorating of the dinner table.


  • Airing Time: Monday to Friday from 4:40pm to 6:50 pm
  • Broadcasting Channel : W9
  • Producer : Studio 89 Productions
  • Format: 50 minutes



“Un diner presque parfait”: Once more, Norbert Tarayre lays the table on W9.

On the week of March 23rd 2015, « Un diner Presque parfait” takes place in Paris; an exceptional culinary adventure which promises to be…rather special! The finalist of Top Chef 2012 is the guest of this very special week of episodes. Other candidates are Laury, Ecclésiaste, Odile and Amandine, and they could well remember it for a long time! From the first day of the adventure, the self-taught chef with a fiery temper will truly surprise them:

He will be preparing his dinner incognito, in the kitchen of his best friend who will be his partner in crime. But Norbert will be able to hear all of their comments on his dinner of course!
How will the candidates react when they find out it is Norbert’s cooking, and that it is with him that they will spend all week? Will the chef with the legendary cheeky humour win them over with his dinner entirely based on the theme of the onion? Between surprises, giggles and chef’s advice, be ready for a week full of twists and surprises!



On Friday January 16th, it was the last of a wild week for “Un diner Presque parfait” on W9. Stephanie, Sébastien, Céline, Pierre-Loïc and Sandra had invited each other to mark the evening they had spent together in Grenoble.
Very quickly, young Sandra was noticed for her cutting comments and insulting remarks making some of her competitors angry. The show climax occurred this Friday when they were having a dinner with regional specialities on the theme of cabaret, organised by the young lady.
All through the evening, Sebastien didn’t stop criticising saying “I didn’t expect such a meal”. The worst occurred when he realised that in the fruit salad prepared by Sandra, there was tinned fruit. The accountant could not believe it: «I would be ashamed of serving tinned fruit. This is supposed to be gastronomic dinner…”
“One piece of advice, shut it. You’re not going to start being a pain in the a**, because if I stand up, you’ll be in real pain” Sandra shouted before throwing a glass of water full in the face, with an insult: “You d*** head. F*** off.”

Sebastien then decides to leave the place. Sandra, delighted and in tears at the same time explains facing the camera: “I always speak my mind, me, a glass in his face and he leaves!” adding “I broke my a** all day, that’s it…he can go and f*** himself, that’s all!”
The explosive dinner attracted the attention of 490 000 viewers, i.e. 4.4% of the audience present in front of their screen between 17.15 and 18.15. A peak of 675 000 curious viewers was recorded half way through the broadcast. A new record for the programme.
In the end, Pierre-Loïc won the competition with 6.9/10 for his 100% vegetarian menu, Stephanie got 6.4/10, Sebastien 6.1, Sandra 5.5 and Celine 5.4/10.
All through the week, “Un Dîner Presque Parfait” made W9 come third in National channels for this time line targeting the under 50 housewives with 6.2% of the audience. It reached 5.8% for the under 50.