“Mon incroyable fiancé” is a comic reality TV show. It is the story of a comedy actor and a woman who must form an unlikely couple with a view to winning €100 000 at the end of the show if, and only if, they manage to convince their family and friends to accept their marriage.
For that first season, the villa is in Cannes. The future bride, Adeline Toffoli, knows that the show is a fraud, but she is unaware that Laurent Ournac, her future husband, is a comedian together with his entire family of her in-laws. Obviously, Adeline’s family is not aware of what is going on and finds out, with frightful surprise, that the two love birds are about to get engaged… All of which in 15 days.
The (false) family of Laurent Ournac, the Fortin family, is the opposite of Adeline’s family: extravert, with its own motto “If you are proud of being a Fortin, clap your hands”. For Adeline’s family, the excuse of being surrounded by cameras is that she is taking part in a televised game where she has to eliminate suitors, Laurent being the winner of them all.


  • Broadcasting Channel: TF1
  • Producer : TF1 Production
  • Presenter : Delphine de Turckheim